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I would wear that…

6 Aug

Courtesy of Refinery29.com

First of all, if you told me I would like a tied shirt and wide legged pants together in an outfit, I would probably laugh at you.  Secondly, I like this outfit. Something about the proportions really works and she doesn’t look like she tried too hard even though clearly some effort went into putting this together.


Love Affair of the Day

30 Jul

Is there anything worse than tight shorts sticking to your legs in the summer? I like these shorts because they are breezy like a skirt but you could comfortably sit down in them.

Love Affair of the Day

27 Jul

It’s hot and I would like to wear as little as possible. This sheer top is as close as I can get to nude (although I would probably wear a cami underneath). Click on it to see it on Nastygal.com.