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Love Affair of the Day…

2 Feb

Nice to see an unexpected body part featured. Hey shoulders are sexy too!


Affordable Vintage Jewelry

31 Jan

Jewelry can take any outfit from drab to fab, especially if you are wearing a one of a kind piece. Eric Levine, owner of the online shop Affordable Vintage Jewelry NYC, scours estate sales, antique markets and auctions to locate exceptional vintage necklaces and bracelets.

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6 Oct

Modern and feminine don’t always go hand in hand but NPRPA gets it just right.

Love Affair of the Day

24 Sep

A bit too impractical, a bit too expensive and bit too AMAZING. Hello 90s we’re back in full effect.

Verlaine S/S 2011

22 Sep

Love Affair of the Day

20 Aug

Remember in art class when you painted with watercolor? The different colors would mix in your water glass and it looked beautiful. Unfortunately it turned into brown sludge shortly after, but for me this dress captures the beauty of overlapping colors. Also me makes me want to have art class. And nap time.

I would wear that…

6 Aug

Courtesy of Refinery29.com

First of all, if you told me I would like a tied shirt and wide legged pants together in an outfit, I would probably laugh at you.  Secondly, I like this outfit. Something about the proportions really works and she doesn’t look like she tried too hard even though clearly some effort went into putting this together.