I would wear that….

14 Jan

I like the way the leather pants are not skin tight and the whole outfit gives me a “Beat It” feel.



Love Affair of the Day

12 Jan

Oh Nanette, why do you make so many adorable dresses? I am a bit wtf about the way it’s called a “Latin Lover” dress (Is someone going to pop out of the dress and seranade me with a Spanish guitar?), but I love the detailing.

Love Affair of the Day

7 Jan

I don’t normally like long skirts, they are too hippy dippy, gypsy princess for me.  I will make an exception for this one.  The plissé gives it a little more dimension and elegance.

Troubadour Clothing

6 Jan

Love Affair of the Day

4 Jan

Okay I found my bikini now I just need to find a beach vacation to wear it. Oh and get rid of my christmas belly.

Love Affair of the Day…

31 Dec

I like to keep things practical…

I would wear that…

25 Dec

Reindeers and overknees. Merry christmas!