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Love Affair of the Day

24 Sep

A bit too impractical, a bit too expensive and bit too AMAZING. Hello 90s we’re back in full effect.


Verlaine S/S 2011

22 Sep

Prouenza Schouler Spring 2011

16 Sep


16 Sep

Video from NYFW coming soon

NYFW 2010 Favorite Looks- Ports 1961

14 Sep

Suzanne Rae S/S 2011

10 Sep

Love Affair of the Day

9 Sep

I dislike fall and I hate winter. Summer is great because u can put on ONE article of clothing (a dress, a romper) and you can walk out of the house. Fall/Winter means socks, gloves, hats, jackets, scarves and ski masks. Okay maybe I made the last one up, even though people really wore them in Chicago when it got super duper, Antarctica cold. To ease the pain of winter, I love this jack with snuggly rabbit fur on the inside.