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House of Dagmar

30 Aug

House of Dagmar is a young Swedish fashion line with an arty chic style. I love how the clothes can easily go from day to night.
The principal source of inspiration – and muse – is the sisters’ late grandmother by the name Dagmar. She was herself a tailor and inspired the sisters to develop their interest for fabrics and design at young age.
Click here for the Dagmar Website.


Deivie Interview and Party

26 Aug

Love Affair of the Day

20 Aug

Remember in art class when you painted with watercolor? The different colors would mix in your water glass and it looked beautiful. Unfortunately it turned into brown sludge shortly after, but for me this dress captures the beauty of overlapping colors. Also me makes me want to have art class. And nap time.

Suzanne Rae Video

18 Aug

Get excited to see her fashion week presentation on soon!

Love Affair of the Day

17 Aug

This past spring, I tried and failed at purchasing the perfect leather shorts. First of all they were too small. I looked more sex shop than sexy. Secondly, they were pleather and without going into too much detail, you probably don’t want a non-breathable material as  your bottoms. I mean, would you wear saran wrap underwear? Thirdly, I am always at a loss for bottoms. I have 1 million tops and approximately 2 skirts, 2 jeans and 2 shorts. So I probably would have been at a lost at some point this summer and told myself  “yes, pleather shorts are a great idea.” Then I would have gone out and melted into a puddle.

The good news is that there seems to be an abundance of leather shorts this fall and I am already in love with the look below.

Love Affair of the Day

12 Aug

I’m a  little late to jump on the camel bandwagon but I love this airy Philip Lim Dress.

I would wear that….

12 Aug

I like the balance between the whimsical shorts paired with a menswear blazer.Also she’s 15 and it makes me want to go back in time and tell myself to be more stylish