Love Affair of the Day

4 Feb

Amazing drop waist and romantic in a way that’s not corny.


Love Affair of the Day…

2 Feb

Nice to see an unexpected body part featured. Hey shoulders are sexy too!

Affordable Vintage Jewelry

31 Jan

Jewelry can take any outfit from drab to fab, especially if you are wearing a one of a kind piece. Eric Levine, owner of the online shop Affordable Vintage Jewelry NYC, scours estate sales, antique markets and auctions to locate exceptional vintage necklaces and bracelets.

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Jaquie Aiche

25 Jan

Gorgeous diamond and gold jewelry fused with rocks and minerals.

Love Affair of the Day

24 Jan

I mean, there is a cape involved. Need I say more?


Ikou Tschuss

21 Jan

In a city filled with retail giants, Ikou Tschüss brings something special to New York; the beauty of handmade clothing. Swiss designers Carmen D’Appollonio and Guya Marini create unusual material mixes by combining softer textures like silk or cashmere with rugged leathers and metals.

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Love Affair of the Day

18 Jan

I like how the leather is soft, ruched and another color than the usual dominatrix black.